PAN Card Price – Amount to be paid for New PAN Card

New PAN Card Cost – Actual Price

Are you planning to get the PAN card through any agent? I am quite sure that they are going to charge more than the actual cost. Have you ever wondered, what is the actual price? Certainly the actual price is much lower than the 3rd parties charge from you. They keep the remaining amount as service charge.Everyone is connected to internet these days and applying for a New PAN is possible within a few clicks.  Later in the Post, you will find out the actual price and modes to make the payment for PAN card.

How Much Amount you Need to Pay if you Apply for New PAN online

  • In the official Website of NSDL, the cost of PAN card is given as follows :
  • If the communication Address is in India – Rs. 105(Application Fee =Rs. 93 + 12.36 % service Tax)
  • If communication Address is Outside India – Rs.971 (Application Fee = Rs. 93 + (Dispatch Charges Rs. 771) + 12.36% service Tax
  • You can apply Online for new PAN card and make the payment through online or offline modes.

Cost of Duplicate PAN Card :

While applying for a Duplicate PAN card, the amount to be paid is same as in the case of  Applying for New PAN card.

How to Make the Payment of PAN Card :

As mentioned before,  the payment for the PAN card can be done through both online and Offline Mode. Here we will be discussing both of the methods.

Doing the PAN Card Payment through Online Mode :

While Filling the Online Application i.e. form no 49 online through official website of NSDL or UTIISL, you have to select the option of paying the amount online. This can be done in two ways

Using Credit/debit Card to pay the Amount : After selecting this option to make the payment, you will be asked to enter the details of your credit/debit card. You need to enter the secure code and then submit. The amount will be deducted automatically and you will notified.


Using Online Banking option to Make Payment : It is mandatory that you have account for online banking in your bank. After selecting this option, you will be redirected to the new page, where you have to enter your credentials and pay the amount.

Paying the PAN Card Price through Offline Mode :

If you don’t want to make the payment through online mode, you can use the Offline Mode. You can make payment via Demand Draft or Cheque.

It must be noted that the Demand Draft and Cheque should be drawn in favour of ‘NSDL-PAN’.

Demand Draft shall be payable at Mumbai and in the reverse of demand draft or Cheque , the acknowledgement number should be mentioned.

Agent Charge the Customer More than the Actual price of PAN Card :

If you can operate computer, there is no need to go the agents to make New PAN Card. You can do it yourself and in this way you can save some money too. Most of the agents will charge you around Rs. 300(for indian address). If you do the whole process yourself you will save almost Rs. 200.

Conclusion :

The government has took major steps to provide the PAN card to people at a lower cost. Using the facility to apply online, the whole process has become easier. For Indian Addresses PAN cards are available at Rs. 105 and for Address outside India, it will cost Rs. 971( Price as on 29th May 2014).

For any query or complaint you can contact the PAN Customer Care

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